goes beyond capturing stunning aerial imagery. We provide a full spectrum of drone mapping and GIS services, offering tailored solutions that empower informed decision-making across various industries.

Energy/Mining/Oil & Gas

Mine Mapping & Monitoring: Generate high-resolution orthomosaics and 3D models for accurate volume calculations, pit analysis, and stockpile tracking. Monitor excavation progress, optimize haul routes, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Pipeline Inspections: Identify potential issues in pipelines and infrastructure using thermal imaging and high-definition videography. Reduce the need for costly shutdowns and enhance safety protocols.

Land Reclamation & Environmental Compliance: Track land reclamation efforts, measure revegetation success, and monitor environmental impact with detailed 3D terrain models and vegetation indices.

Natural Resources

Forestry & Wildlife Management: Map and assess forest health, identify deforestation zones, and create detailed habitat maps for animal populations. Optimize harvesting practices and support conservation efforts.

Land Management & Disaster Response: Generate accurate terrain models for flood risk assessment, erosion control, and land-use planning. Support disaster response efforts with rapid aerial mapping and damage assessment.

Precision Agriculture: Conduct high-resolution orthomosaics and multispectral analysis to assess crop health, optimize irrigation systems, and predict yield potential. Increase efficiency and maximize agricultural productivity.